Youth Group

The Youth Group calendar is created season by season. Check the church calendar for events labeled “Youth Group” or write to for more info 🙂

Youth are the future of faith! LCOS is proud to have had a long history of supporting youth and young people. Ask many of the most dedicated members of this community, and they will share fond memories of spaghetti dinners, rocking chair marathons, and concerts that they enjoyed during their adolescent years here. We adamantly believe that formative Christian experiences at church are the building blocks for a lifetime of faith. Every week, we strive to create laboratories of faith for youth. We encourage kids to experiment with the ways they can share their gifts with one another, and build strong relationships with peers who love God and their families.

Our current Youth Group is open to middle and high school students who are interested in building relationships with their peers rooted in faith and fun. There are no theological expectations for those who join! Our hope is simply to offer a supportive and creative atmosphere led by adult volunteers. We strive to create youth happenings that come from the imaginations of the youth themselves. In the past year we’ve enjoyed a wide array of different youth activities. We hosted a playful safe Halloween event in our basement, gathered with the young families of church for a roller skating outing, and even took “Urban Hikes” to different Christian landmarks in New York City.

Next year, we’re hoping to connect with other youth leaders at churches in the area to offer some combined days of connection and faith enrichment. Please write to to share ideas about possible outings or bring a new friend to youth group!