Martin Luther famously said that, “Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.” Music at LCOS is rooted in a Lutheran tradition of congregational music making. Together, we sing the holy words of our liturgy and praise god in hymns. Our weekly worship is a blend of traditional hymn singing from the pews and anthems performed by our choirs and musicians.

Our Worship and Music Committee works with the Pastor to prepare musical selections for worship each week, so that we can prayerfully make music together throughout our church year. We invite anyone who wishes to make a joyful noise to contribute a piece of music to our worship committee so that we can find the right place for it. We are blessed to have many talented musicians who we feature throughout the year.

Vocal and Chime Choir

Vocal and Chime Choirs are meeting for rehearsal on Thursday nights under the direction of our accomplished organists, Dan and Grace. Both groups are made up of volunteers who are eager to make a joyful noise. They learn new hymns from Evangelical Lutheran Worship and prepare special holiday anthems. Chime Choir rehearses at 6:15 and Choir rehearses at 7:15.

More musicians = more possibilities.
“When you sing, you pray twice.”