This is not an endorsement of nor should you shop on just for this reason.  This is simply taking advantage of a fundraiser for charitable organizations.  Amazon Smile is a program that allows you to easily direct proceeds to a charitable organization of your choice. is the same as, but the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate a portion of the proceeds.  Per person, it isn’t much but it adds up fast with more people and more time. has raised about 70 Million for charities.


A direct link, for you to share with your friends, designating Lutheran Church of Our Savior as the charity organization:

Plugins to help you utilize Smile.

If you are like many of us, you may forget to add the ‘smile.’  Here are some helpful tools to do it automatically:

    • Chrome Desktop Plugins: Smile Always or Amazon Smile Redirect.
    • FireFox Desktop Plugins: Amazon Smile Redirector or Amazon SMILE!.
    • Safari Browser Plugin: Smilematic
    • Safari, Internet Explorer: Unfortunately, there are no extensions for doing this with Internet Explorer, but if you use bookmarks, go to and add it to your bookmarks.
    • Amazon App: Unfortunately, this is not available through the app.  It is recommended that you add a shortcut to to your home screen and delete the Amazon App.  Alternatively, you can browse using the Amazon app, but don’t forget to checkout after visiting in a browser on your phone!

We are not affiliated with any of the above tools, but we do use them ourselves.  If you know of any others or have suggestions, please share it with us.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Smile.Amazon Program:

What’s the difference between and
There is no difference when it comes to your shopping experience or security.  It even uses the same shopping cart (you can switch to Smile.Amazon in the middle of shopping!).  Adding the ‘smile.’ tells Amazon that you wish a portion of the proceeds to be donated to a charity organization.

Do individuals need to be members to participate in Smile.Amazon?
No. Participation is open to all members and friends of our church.

Are there any additional charges to participate in Simply Giving®?
No. donates a portion of their proceeds.  There is no additional charge to the participant.


Your contribution is combined with many others using this program and the total is transferred from Amazon to the Church on a quarterly basis. Please note that this amount is not recorded on your statement of your offerings. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. You will find this an easy way to give a little boost the stewardship, and you will help The Lutheran Church of Our Savior continue to fulfill its ministries.