As is common in the Lutheran tradition, we believe that Jesus Christ is present “in, with, and under” the bread and wine. This typical saying means that we believe that while the bread and wine remain bread and wine, Christ’s presence is also within the bread and wine. While this is hard to understand and individual congregation members hold a variety of beliefs, there is no litmus test that one must pass to fully participate in this meal. Like the disciples gathered around Jesus’ last supper, Jesus offered himself freely to all.

We understand that God’s table is open to all, and we live this out in our faith. All people desiring and prepared for communion are welcome to receive bread (usually a wafer; both gluten and gluten-free options available) and wine or grape juice; for those from traditions that require a waiting period before receiving communion or for those who would like to abstain from taking bread and wine, we offer a blessing at the altar. If you have any concerns or questions, please email

First Communion

First Communion is usually offered to children in the 5th grade; special requests may be made for children outside of this grade after approval of the church council. Upon completion of three classes, students will know what communion means for them personally, why we practice communion every week, and what God shows us through this practice. There will be a special time allotted for them to take first communion within the general worship service on a Sunday to emphasize the point that communion is about the individual and congregational unity.